About Us

We are importers and whole seller based in Swansea. We are serving people since 2011. After getting success on Ebay and on Amazon we started our online store to provide service to all other people who still find difficulty to get disposable and packaging product.

We believe to provide best cutomer service to our clients and provide them best products.

Our Mission

Our aim is to ensure our customers’ needs are always put first.

We understand the importance of disposable and packaging products, as it plays a crucial role in all aspects of business and ocassions. We are committed to communicate with customers clearly, and resolving any enquiries as efficiently as possible to give them best customer services.

We are focused on providing a complete disposable and packaging solution, which emphasises on saving our customers both money and time.

Business Overview

It is a division of a family business built from good experience of disposable and packaging products; our vast knowledge of this industry has enabled us to trade with the highest quality products for the lowest possible prices. We have our stores on Ebay and Amazon as well.

Due to vast customes demand of our disposable and packaging products and to reduce the product cost we have started our online store. Now customers can buy directly from our online store at better prices than others.